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01 Branding

At Kenzi Green Design we believe branding is more than just a logo, it should reflect your businesses values, message, style and services while attracting your ideal target audience. Branding involves an in-depth look at your services & goals combined with market research to ensure your business will sustain lifelong growth & a strong customer base.

02 Web Design

A website is nothing without SEO, Mobile Optimization, Lead Generation, and a User Friendly Navigation. That’s why, we at Kenzi Green Design, provide all of those things while maintaining brand consistency.

03 Pattern design

Patterns are an emerging trend within the brand building sector because they help communicate different moods through intricate image variations. Kenzi Green Design creates custom branded patterns & offers pre-made patterns for licensing.


If you’re as passionate about your business as i am about design let’s work together!

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The Founder

Hi, I’m Mackenzi, the face behind Kenzi Green Design. I founded my design studio to help others succeed on their journey to entrepreneurship.

Currently located in North Carolina where I am pursuing my B.A. in Interactive Media. Some might call me a workaholic, perfectionist, or a social media guru. One thing I know to be true is that I make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves. 

When you work with me I'm not just your designer but your friend. I am your friend that is brutally honest, caring, but fun. I promise that we will have fun building your brand and getting to know each other along the way!

If you’re as passionate about your business as I am about design, let's work together!

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