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01 Branding

Branding is the foundation of your business which is why I love what I do! The Kenzi Green Design branding process is designed to reflect your businesses values, message, style and services while attracting your ideal target audience. Branding involves thorough market research to ensure your business will sustain lifelong growth & a strong customer base.

02 Web Design

We are in the Age of Design where 85% of consumers rely on the internet to find Local Businesses, that means a lot of consumers but a lot of competition! Kenzi Green Design Web services help grow your online presence while maintaining brand consistency.

03 Pattern design

Patterns are more popular than you may think, they are often seen on furniture, clothing, packaging, websites, and more. Pattern Design can add that extra “spark” to your brand which is why I create custom patterns unique to your business or offer pre-made patterns for licensing.


If your as passionate about your business as i am about design let’s work together!

Mackenzi From Kenzi Green Design
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