2019 Instagram Hacks You're Probably Missing

2019 Instagram Hacks You're Probably Missing #instagramgrowth #instagramhacks #socialmediagrowth #bloggrowth

Social Media is a key piece to your brand and often times I find clients are usually missing out on common instagram hacks.

Obviously for your instagram to grow you need the basic things like a branded feed, quality photography, and engaging content but aside from that there are many ways to boost your reach →

1) Using hashtags in your story

Using a hashtag in your story can get you featured on that specific hashtag’s story & people that don’t follow you will be able to see your story!

2) Tagging A Location

Tagging a location in your story and posts is extremely helpful. You have a chance of being featured in that location specific story AND have the chance of being discovered by people searching for others in your tagged location.

3) Using A Hashtag App

You should be aiming to use all 30 hashtags in every post but they need to be niche specific hashtags. I find a lot of hashtags from the app “hashtags” but often times switch out the more general hashtags. It’s ideal to use 10 small hashtags, 10 mid-sized hashtags, and 10 large hashtags.

4) post more often

This is kind of an obvious one but sometimes people want to see massive growth & only post a few times a week. A few times a week is not going to sky rocket your reach & you need to be posting ideally 2 times a day!

5) tag brands & feature accounts

Many people miss out on opportunities to be featured on massive accounts by forgetting to tag brands! It doesn’t matter if you are tagging clothing brands or toothpaste brands, tagging brands gives you a chance to get featured on their account & get some massive exposure.

6) show your face

Instagram is a visual platform, stop posting a bunch of ads & text!!! Instead post branded photography of your brand, you, and ultimately tell more about your process/story through photos rather than graphics.

Showing your face also means hopping on instagram stories & creating video content. If you’re scared of getting behind the camera & actually talking to your audience you need to get over this fear and just do it.

Posting daily instagram stories discussing things with your audience will form a “relationship” between yourself & them. They will start remembering who you are and sticking around. If you’re just posting a photo every now and then along with a cute little boomerang story, your audience probably won’t be very engaged with your content because they really don’t know you AT ALL.

7) respond to comments on your competitor’s posts

This takes things a step further rather than just engaging with others. Visit your competitors instagram posts & read through the comments. When you see one that resonates with you, reply to that comment.

Chances are that person will wonder “hmm who is this” and check out your profile. Since you are in a similar niche as your competitor that person will also be very likely to follow you!

I hope you found these suggestions helpful & improve your instagram reach!

~ Kenzi